When Enough Is Enough!

Here we go again, another mass shooting and killing of 26 totally innocent people of which 20 of them were children of ages 6 and 7. America is becoming more violent by each day. We still have not forgotten the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting as well as the other mass shooting in the Sigh Temple in Pennsylvania, the Tucson, Arizona, and the Virginia Tech mass shooting, and now come this tragedy which because of the age of the victims makes it the most horrendous of all.

America’s fascination and love for guns is destroying this country. The irony is that the worst enemies of the US are its citizen who living within, that is the average and normal citizens that out of blue start shooting in the public places and killing people.

Every year over 30,000 people are killed of gun violence that make it eleven 9/11 events a year. On September 11, 2001 about 2,850 people were killed in a synchronized attack and the US invaded two countries and started over 11 year war. But nothing is done when each and every year 11 events as horrendous as the 9/11 take place. Murder is murder regardless who commits the murder and as it requires taking actions. So why is it when 2,850 people died in an attack on September 11, 2001, the US government took swift action, while nothing is being done about the other killings?

Does it mean that the lives of the 2,850 people who perished on 9/11/2011 are more precious than the lives of 30,000 people that are killed of gun violence every year? Granted on 9/11, many buildings were destroyed and witnessing the crash of the two airplanes into the twin tower as well as collapse of seven buildings was dramatic, but the end result was over 2,850 innocent people lost their lives. On the same token over 30,000 innocent people each year lose their lives in a violent manner.

America must take swift serious action to address the gun violence in the US. The White House and the Congress who are elected by the People and are being financially supported by the taxpayers must take immediate and substantive steps to make the US and her citizens secure and safe from gun violence. Why is it the right and joy of having guns by a limited group of people is more important than the lives and security of the masses?

Every year over 30,000 people are killed of gun violence that make it eleven 9/11 events a year.

Yes, we all know that the supporters of the gun ownership keep referring to the 2nd Amendment as the right to bear arms. But that was not the intent of the 2nd Amendment. It was enacted for the militia the right to bear arms against a tyrant government, not for the ordinary citizen to bear arm of any kind for any reason or no reason. This fact has been grossly distorted by the gun supporters in particular by National Rifle Association (NRA) whose number one goal is to provide support for the guns and ammunition manufacturers and using the 2nd Amendment as front for that goal.

The arguments that banning or controlling the gun ownership violates the right of hunters and sportsmen are misguided. First of all one does not need semi or fully automatic hand guns or rifles to go hunting. Secondly, the assault rifles which are capable of shooting 30 or more bullets per seconds are not the types of weapons needed to hunt powerless and innocent dear, jack rabbit, etc. The sole purpose of these types of guns is to kill people by the military not by average citizens in metropolitan cities or small towns.

America needs meaningful gun control laws. This is the only advanced country on the planet that does not have meaningful gun control laws. It is ironic for a country that keeps telling the other countries that life is precious and must be cherished so casually and recklessly sits by and witnesses the killing of its own citizens being gunned down while going to work, universities, high school and now the children while going to elementary school. As long as these types of mass shooting take place in the US, we should not say “America is the greatest country on earth”. Where is American civility?