Mahsa Amini, you shall always be remembered.

A man who violently and savagely attacks a defenseless and helpless young girl and causes her death should not be called a man, but rather a wild animal.
Any man who uses force on a woman, regardless of relationship or age, should not be called a man, but a wild creature. A man should only use force against a woman when his life is truly in danger and it will be in self-defense.
Since the violent and barbaric attack of the Arabs on Persia, men have become macho and use their power because they feel stronger than women and believe that women should obey their orders. Well, if power is the issue, then we should all obey whatever the elephants want us to do, as they are undoubtedly the most powerful creature on earth.
Before the Arab invasion, Persia was the cornerstone of civilization and women were treated equally and with great respect. There were Queens with full power and respect. All were gone, when the Arabs invaded Persia and brought Islam by force. Many argue that the reason women should wear hijab (veil) is because of what the Qur’an has mandated. This author challenges anyone to show any writings anywhere in the Quran that dictates women must wear hijab (veils) or other coverings.
Any reference to hijab meant moral coverage rather than physical coverage, that is women should behave in such way not to arouse the men, did not mean that women should, not to cover head to toe in cloth. It is a known fact that many religious leaders have abused their authority regardless of religion. Islam makes no difference. Many of the so-called commands attributed to Prophet Muhammad were made up after the fact like any other religion. Prophet Muhammad had made comments that “Paradise is under the feet of mothers”.
Women are as important as the men, if not even more. We must remember that without a woman, thee would not be a man. The love and affection that we all fell and enjoy are inspired in each and every one of us by a woman, the mother. She is the one who carries a child (male or female) for nine months with much pain and cherishes and nourishes the child for years. How can a man tell that woman that he is better than her and she must obey what he says?
All prophets and religious leaders came to this world from the belly of a woman and were nourished and raised with much care and love. No man should have the right to tell a woman what to do what to wear and how to maintain her health including the most private choice, that is the right to bear a child or not.
Mahsa Amini was savagely killed, because her head scarf was not covering her entire head and part of her hairs were visible. How dare any man allows himself to question, arrest, and punish a woman for not covering her hair, let alone causing her death?
All women across the globe must rise to support the women in Iran, as what they are seeking for is the freedom and justice which are the same demands that other women across the globe are making.
To show that you are a true man, then you must also rise and support the women, by doing so the men prove that they are truly MEN, as manhood is not having stronger muscles and having more physical power. A true man is the one who treats the women with respect and sees them as equal and protect them from any harms.
We must remember that there are more women in the world than men and they deserve equal treatments and freedom.

Long live Mahsa and other women who lost their lives for justice and freedom.

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