Why We Should Vote Donald Trump Out of the Office?

This election is extremely important for the people of the United States as well as the rest of the world. The purpose of this article is not to encourage the reader to vote for any particular candidate, instead, it is to encourage the reader not to vote for Donald Trump.

During the campaign of 2016, Trump made a series of promises that once he became the President he would build a wall on the South of the border and Mexico would pay for it, he would eliminate Obama Care and pass a much better health insurance plan for the public, he would create more jobs, would do away with environmental regulations so to create more jobs, such as in the Coal and Oil Industries, he would reduce the tax rates so to increase more jobs, he would nullify the Paris dealing with the environment, he would nullify the Iranian Nuclear Energy accord and remove the USA from that accord, he would appoint the best professionals in his administration
Well, as it has been proven during his term, his promises are either pure lies or simply empty words. To this date, he has not built the wall. The only wall that has been built in the reconstruction of the existing wall which was falling apart. The cost of building it came from the Defense budget.

He has not been able to do away with Obamacare and offer a new insurance plan. As of this date, he still promises that he would have the best health care plan, but he has not offered any part of it.
Although he took the USA out of Iran Nuclear Energy accord as well as out of Paris Accord, the ramifications for the USA have been devastating, as he has managed to alienate the closest USA allies who are the signatories to these two accords. Also contributing to the increase in air pollutions.

He is the only president in modern history who has so many changes of staff in his administration. To this date, many of the key positions are filled in with temporary staff.
He gave the largest tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires. He then at his Mara Largo club told the invitees who were super-rich guests that “I just made you a lot richer”. The result is that US revenue is reduced and the services that the Federal government is to provide is either reduced or need to borrow money for those services.

The phoney trade war with China has cost the United States billions of dollars. In 2018 and 2019 along the Federal Government gave $22Billion each year to the soybean farmers to compensate them for loss of business as China was the most important buyer of soybeans from the USA. Further, this so-called war with China has made China stronger, not weaker, as they are increasing their economic and political presence in Africa and Western Asia, such as Iran.

Apart from all of his failures, the most important is the failure to protect the American Public against the Corona Virus. As it has become very clear in January 2020 he knew how dangerous this Pandemic was, but yet he purposely lied to the American People and kept telling everyone that it is not a serious matter and soon it would go away. Thanks to him over 9,000,000 Americans got the virus and over 220,000 have died and the number is still increasing.

What is so damming is the fact that the United States which makes about Five Percent (5%) of the world’s population has Twenty Five Percent (25%) of the world’s coronavirus fatality and the largest number of infected populations.

On average, Trump makes 17 to 20 verifiable lies each day since he has taken the oath of office. He has failed his duties as the President. He has made the world less safe, has alienated US allies, created new competitors for the USA, such as China, Russia. He has become very close to the dictators such as Kim Jun Ong, Duterte of the Philippines, Erdogan of Turkey,  Mohammad Ben Salman of Saudi Arabia, and of course his buddy, Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Truly, Trump has been a disgrace to the world and has caused the USA to lose its respect and influence. Trump does even respect his own supporters as he lies to their face and ask them to believe in him and support him. He has enriched himself and his companies at the expenses of the taxpayers.

The Number one job of each President is to protect the people which Trump has horrifically failed to do. Trump should be charged at the very least for criminal negligence as tens of thousands of people have died because of his gross and reckless negligence to protect the people against the CoronaVirus. Voting for Trump is a betrayal of the country.


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