That is not the way to start a New Year and a New Decade.

As usual, President Trump not knowing anything about foreign policy made a horrific mistake by ordering the assassination of General Ghasem Soleimani. The excuse that President Trump has come up with is that General Soleimani was planning attacks on Americans and this preemptive attack was necessary to save American lives. Given the fact that President Trump has made over 12,000 verifiable lies since the day he took the oath of office, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to believe what he said. Further, he has not provided one iota of evidence that General Soleimani was doing such a plan.

Realizing that his comments were not satisfactory, President Trump then makes another statement that this action was necessary to avoid a war with Iran. In reality, that action has justified war with Iran. Of course, most if not all foreign governments have criticized President Trump’s action.

Some have come to the Defense of President Trump by stating that General Soleimani was a brutal, nasty, and dangerous man. There is no question that General Soleimani had his hands covered with the blood of innocent Iranians. It is irrelevant whether General Soleimani was a good man or bad, what is important is the ramification and the aftermath of this act.

Under International Law, no country has the right to assassinate a high government official of another country. Further, the conduct of President Trump tantamounts to a declaration of war by Iran.

It is ironic that President Trump criticizing President Obama, when he was getting ready to run for the second term by accusing President Obama would start a war with Iran in order to win the election. Not only President Obama did not act in any manner to cause a war with Iran, instead, he did the opposite by having the Nuclear Energy development ban treaty which brought peace and reducing the conflict with Iran as well as reducing tension in that area. Now it is President Trump who is running for the second term and not only he has been impeached but also an approval rating of less than Fifty Percent (50%). Starting a war or conflict with Iran would be a reason to argue for his re-election as it is not advisable to change President in the middle of the war.

Many may argue that the USA being the most powerful force in the world, war with Iran would be easy and fast. In fact, President Trump keeps making statements to that effect by keep saying “it would very quick”. What is being forgotten are the followings:

Afghanistan, a country with population of less than 37 Million with a landmass of 251 million square miles and less than the State Texas with a very weak military force has kept the USA engaged for over 17 years and to this date, Afghanistan is not stabilized and US forces are under constant threats and much military personnel dying each year. This invasion has costed the United States close to a trillion dollars so far.

Iraq, a county 168,000 miles with 26 million people has kept the USA forces engaged for over 15 years with no sign to end. The total cost of the Iraq invasion has also cost close to a trillion dollars. Just to understand what a trillion dollars look like it is $1,000,000,000,000.00.

Iran has a population of 80 million with the 17th largest landmass in the world and highly nationalist and educated people and with sophisticated military arsenals. Of course, their military powers are not as good as the USA, but they can be a very dangerous force.

Engaging in a military conflict with Iran is not going to be easy, nor quick. In order for the United States to really defeat the Iranian regime, the USA forces must physically invade Iran which means years of war ending with tens of thousands of people dead on both sides.

We must not forget the impact on the global economy. Iran can and would easily sink one or two ships in the Strait of Hormuz and effectively close the oil traffic in the Persian Gulf which would mean the price of oil will go through the roof and hurt all the countries which rely on oil imports from that region and have to pay much higher prices for oil from other oil-producing countries such as Russia, Venezuela, etc.

The total costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been more than 2 trillion dollars ($2,000,000,000,000.00). The cost of war with Iran can easily start at a few hundred million dollars in the first year or so and continue to rise. These are the taxpayers’ money that is wasted in meaningless wars. It is ironic where there are hundreds of thousands homeless people in the United States living on the streets, canals, riverbanks, and their cars, where one-third of children go to bed hungry, the government spends so much money for military conflict. We must remember that hundreds of billion dollars are borrowed money which the USA has not paid a penny of it and the interest on those debts are tens of millions of dollars per year. When President George W. Bush started most of its invasion of Afghanistan, the US treasury was empty. The funds were obtained through borrowing, issuing treasury bonds. He did the same with the Iraq war.

The US population regardless of their political affiliation must rise and demand an end to the USA international conflicts and unanimously and with one voice say “Enough is Enough”. The more the USA interferes with other countries’ affairs, the more enemy will create. No country in the world like another country attacks and or invade their land and interfere with their sovereignty, including the United States. If people of the United States do not like an attack on their country, then rest assured other countries do not like attacks on theirs too.

The United States under President Trump’s leadership or lack of leadership has lost many of its allies or at the very least has damaged the close relationship that existed between the United States and her allies. It takes years of efforts to create trust and a close relationship with other countries. President Trump has managed to destroy years of hard work done by all previous Republican and Democratic administrations.

The Iranian people wherever they are must also rise and with one voice say “Enough is Enough” and demand that the Iranian government does not take any action that would encourage a full-blown conflict with the USA. Both countries would end up to be Losers.


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