40 Years of Disaster

This is the fortieth year since Khomeini and his gang took power in Iran. Like so many other leaders who overthrow another regime and come to power with lots of outlandish promises, the Islamic Regime has brought nothing but misery for the Iranians.

Before Khomeini and his gang taking power, Iran was a country where the people had much freedom. Women were free to participate in all types of professions. Women were free to wear whatever they wanted. Many Iranians with the support of the government were sent abroad to various European countries as well as Canada and the United States for higher education.

Economy was flourishing and the country was aiming for high technology and having many of the previously imported products manufactured domestically. Iranians could travel all over the world without any problem unlike now that Foreign countries refuse to easily grant visas to Iranian nationals travel to their country.

Iranian economy is in shamble and its currency is almost worthless. Inflation and unemployment are extremely high. Poverty has become a major economic issue. More people are homeless and live under bridges and anywhere that they can get some shelter.

Other hand, the Mullahs and so-called leaders of the country have amassed so much wealth that is immeasurable. They built villas and vacation homes in Iran which tops the luxury homes in Bel-Air and Beverly Hills and other very expensive areas in the USA. These so-called men of God have bank accounts all over Europe with millions of dollars in their accounts. They have rubbed the country’s wealth for their own benefit.

Their sons and daughters live in the United States or in other European countries and having a blast, while the Iranians in Iran live in fear and the women must wear chador or scarf and cover themselves when outside of their homes. They are doing all these horrendous acts in the name of Islam. So many people have been summarily executed without having a trial and those who allegedly had a trial, it was a kangaroo court with execution as the verdict.

Thousands of people are jailed for years for just making some comments against the regime. Nowhere in Islam has said “shut up and follow my orders”, that is what these so called Islamic and Religious leaders are doing in Iran.

Nowadays, due to severe economic conditions, millions of people are under financial pressure and are having difficulties to provide for themselves and their families. Many people old two jobs so to be able to barely survive.
So many unqualified people have been put in charge and their only qualification is that they were turban and robe. As the result the country is grossly mismanaged.

Ayatollah Khamenei has recently tweeted advising the Moslem people to be kind to each other and the world would be much better. The irony is that this is the man who is running Iran with a tight fist and is chocking off the population and having so many young people either jailed or executed and all in the name of Islam. What a hypocrisy.

The regime is so brutal and act barbaric that no one dares to challenge the regime and demand a change in the government. anyone who opposes the regime, if they are luck would be jailed, otherwise they will be executed promptly.

In 1979 the population of Iran was about 35 million and now it is over 80 million, due to restrictions and limitation of social life and banning entertainments caused sharp in population. Given the fact that the regime is plundering the wealth of the country rather than spending it for the betterment of the population, poverty has rampant. Addiction to drugs is also another social problem. Once reason for this is the lack of employment.

This regime has devastated the Iranian culture, identity, language and its economy. This corrupt and useless regime has disrespected the Iranians all over the world. Iran has become to be known as a terrorist country in the eyes of so many countries and caused many countries to treat Iran like an enemy.


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