Ladies be careful not to destroy your supporters!!!!

The recent revelation about Joe Biden hugging kissing women on the back of their heads has started a new discussion about women’s rights and freedom. Also, the Me Too movement has taken up Biden’s action as another cause.

Not every physical touching or comments should be treated as inappropriate conduct and accusing of the men as a wrongdoer and destroy his life.
The frivolous accusation of sexual harassment and misconducts could backfire in two ways; First, it would diminish the claim of true victims of such wrongful conduct. Second, when it comes to hiring new staff the male employers may think twice before hiring a female as they may very well be concerned that at some point they may be accused of wrongful conduct out of retaliation if they criticize or make any comments towards their female employees for poor performance, etc.
We need to understand that not every accuser makes such allegations with good intent, in some instances, retaliation, jealousy, or financial gains may be the sole reason for making the false allegations.

Also, the ladies who take the men’s wrongful conducts towards women seriously such as Me Too movement must realize that by branding any conduct as inappropriate and accusing that male individual of such misconduct, they would limit their support. For example, Senator Al Franklin who when he was a comedian before becoming a senator, on a trip to entertain the troops in Afghanistan took a picture while joking with a female soldier who was asleep had to resign as well as making some comments on the tour, was forced to resign. Senator Franklin was progressive and much sympathetic to women’s causes who is not gone. Examples are plenty where the men’s conducts or comments towards women were meant no harm or harassment of any sort, but yet they were accused of misconduct and put them in the hot water.

What the ladies need to be careful about is not to diminish their cause and their rights to be free of any harassment by the opposing sex in any environment. Too many women have suffered unjustly from discrimination, sexual harassment at work and in society. To this date, the women are still being discriminated at work, by only receiving $0.75 for every $1.00 that a man of equal experience, education and responsibility at work is making. Also, the job opportunities for women have been historically limited. To this date, the United States of America, allegedly the land of Freedom, Justice, and equality for all has not elected a woman as the President, while many of the least developed countries on this planet have had women as their prime ministers or presidents.
And when a woman runs for the highest office in the land, she would be accused of horrendous acts so to stop her from her success to that office.

There must be a clear and distinct line between what is considered inappropriate and harassment making the women embarrassed and uncomfortable than an innocent and harmless conduct which is meant showing affection. People have different ways to show their affection, respect, or their emotion towards another. There are some people who do not be touched by anyone for any reasons, yet there are people who show their affection very openly by hugging and kissing the other person whether that person is male or female.

An old man hugging and kissing women in the public in front of cameras in a social or political gathering should not be considered harassment as was in the case of Joe Biden. He has been hugging, touching people for decades as this is how he has been showing his affection towards others.
It may be true that the women who were hugged, kissed on the back their head by Joe Biden, felt uncomfortable, but that does not mean he meant harm to them or was taking sexual advantage of them.

When a man uses his power over a woman whether, at work or other settings for his own satisfaction or to gain an advantage over her, without the woman’s consent or disregards to the woman’s feelings, that would be the time to take action.
In today’s work environment men and women may make comments to each other that even though may sound odd and embarrassing, but that should not automatically be branded as sexual harassment and cause punishment towards the alleged wrongdoer.

Donald Trump who has openly admitted that he has grabbed women’s private part, entering into the dressing rooms of the beauty contestants without their permission, taking advantage of women whenever he could, on camera while his daughter Ivanka sitting next to him saying “I would do it to her, if she was not my daughter”, the man who has called the women whom he did not like names such dogs, ugly, fat, etc., but yet he was elected as the President of the United States. But people like Al Franklin, Joe Biden, who have supported women all their lives are branded as perverts and having their careers destroyed. That is truly shooting yourself in the foot.

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