Congratulations, America elected a Charlatan to the White House

Congratulations, America elected a Charlatan to the White House

November 8, 2016

It is amazing how American voters could so easily be fooled and vote for someone who has consistently lied throughout the primary and general election campaign. Mr. Donald Trump who has become President Elect, has made so many contradictory statements and has been accused by so many women of sexual assaults and misconduct, but yet he has been elected as the future President of the United States. Mr. Trump is being sued by so many individuals for breach of contract, fraud, failure to make payments for works performed on his building, but yet he has been elected as the President of the USA.

With all the baggage that Mr. Trump has been carrying and will carry in the future, no one in his/her right mind should be voting for him. If character and honesty is at issue, then using private e/mail instead of government issued e/mail cannot be compared with someone who has literally cheated people out of their livelihood, the person who has bragged about grabbing women’s private parts and saying and doing much worse. Mr. Trump has proudly bragged that being smart by not paying tax, but yet he is going to get paid by the tax payer while he is holding public office.
It seems the vast majority of the US population have forgotten that they are voting for the Presidency of the United States, not for their next door neighbor who they happened to like. Mr. Trump lacks the character and knowledge of having the highest position in the land.
The ramification of electing Mr. Trump as the President has already started, Dow Jones dropped over 700 points, NASDAQ and S&P have also dropped substantially. US Dollar as well as Mexican Pesos have lost value and this is just the beginning. It has been also reported that the Canadian website for immigration has crashed due to too many visits to that website.

There are much to follow as America will continue to witness the wrath of the world for electing this Irrational man as the leader of the country who has already made dangerous statements about the world affairs and has freely expressed his love for war and use of nuclear weapon.

May God help All.


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