Insanity vs. Sanity

November 7, 2016

The 2016 campaign for the White House could be compared as a boxing match and referred to as campaign of insanity vs. sanity. On one corner, there is Former Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton and on the other corner there is Mr. Donald Trump.

Mrs. Clinton has spent all of her adult life for social causes starting first helping children to receive insurance when none was available to them and championing for women’s rights and the minority rights. These are all well documented and there is no reason for exaggeration. During the primary Mrs. Clinton and other Democratic candidates kept talking about issues. Then the nominees from each party were selected and the general campaign started.
Again Mrs. Clinton followed by talking about issues that matter to the populations and could make a change in their lives. But that has not been the case for the Republican nominee. From day one Mr. Trump has been making statements about other Republican candidates and bad mouthing them and outright insulting them with vulgarities. Then Mr. Trump captured the candidacy of the presidency for the Republican Party and entered the general election.
His vulgarities became more focused and directed towards Mrs. Clinton. Never before in the United States of America has there been such a candidate for the highest office of the land. Mr. Trump has failed to make any rash statement about any issues. His statements are vague and full of false promises. His ego and lack of knowledge on issues has diminished any respect that one could have for him. Mr. Trump does not to be criticized and anyone who talks against him or disagrees with him, he would unleash his wrath on him/her.
Mr. Trump’s temperament is worse than a two year old brat. It has become very clear during the campaign that Mr. Trump is vengeful and will not let anyone get away without being degraded and insulted by him. What is astonishing is the amount of lies the Mr. Trump make every day and as soon as he is questioned about the veracity of his statements, he denied that he ever made such statement. It seems Mr. Trump does not realize that this twenty first century and there are videos, tape recorders, internet and anything that he says is recorded and could be played back time after time.
It is amazing that how the Republican Party has failed so person such as Mr. Trump could rise to the top and represent the grand old party. Mr. Trump likes to be bowed to and only likes to have bunch of “yes man” around him. He believes his great and anything and everything he has done is great and he is the best thing that has happened to human being.

Mr. Trump has the audacity of comparing his book “The Art of Deal” with the Bible as he has said on many occasions that after the Bible his book is the second best book in the world. He has claimed that he has read the Bible and knows everything about the Bible, but yet he cannot quote one passage from the Bible. Mr. Trump considers himself a Christian and many of God, but yet his life style is anything close to what Jesus believed in. He has betrayed his first wife and then his second wife and is now married to his third wife. He runs casinos where gambling and prostitutions take place and he has a habit of cheating the contractors and workers who work on his buildings by not paying them.

Mr. Trump has not been able to provide one specific plan for any of the important issues that are the main concern for the public. He talks good and unfortunately the uninformed masses are following him blindly.
We have all seen the three debates between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump could not control himself and like a two year old boy kept interrupting Mrs. Clinton and making childish remarks. The rest of the world is closely watching this campaign and are wondering how on earth the Americans could elect Mr. Trump as the President of their country.
Many people, when asked who they are going to vote for, have stated that they do not like Mrs. Clinton and would vote for Mr. Trump. What these and others could be reminded of, the election for the presidency of the United States is not a beauty contest and has nothing to do with liking or disliking someone. It has to do with who had the best solutions or more rational argument for facing the issues and could come up with the most reasonable approach to solve the problems. Mrs. Clinton has vast knowledge and years of experience as the first lady witnessing the presidency up close, as two term US Senator, and as Secretary of State in President Obama’s administration. Also upon becoming an attorney started working on social causes and helping the under privilege people.
On the other hand, Mr. Trump was raised in a wealthy family received substantial financial help from his father to start his business. He has been engaged in real estate development and making money, but how much it is unknown as he refuses to disclose his taxes. What is known is that in late 90’s he reported almost one billion dollars in losses which would entitle him to dodge paying taxes for almost eighteen years. Perhaps that is the reason he does not want for people to see his taxes as it would show that he has not paid any taxes for years.
Mr. Trump has no experience in foreign policy, does not know much of the issues and his knowledge of issues and world affairs is extremely limited.
America it is time to choose between a sane or insane person. Take your pick and live it with for at least four years.


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