Mr. Trump and Iowa Caucuses

Last week Mr. Donald Trump refused to participate in the Republican debates in Iowa arguing that Ms. Megan Kelly was rude to him in the very first debate. He decided instead to rally for the veterans and raise some money which he successfully raised over $5 million dollars.

Many experts called his decision a good move which would help him the Iowa caucuses. That was not the belief of some others including this author. Refusing to participate in that debate could only meant one thing that Mr. Trump disrespecting the people of Iowa. He made the debate a personal vendetta against Ms. Kelly and Fox News, while the focus of the debate was to let the people of Iowa know the candidates better and make a more informed decision on the day of caucuses.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s move backfired and he lost the Iowa Caucuses to Senator Ted Cruz and barely made it to the second place over Senator Marco Rubio. Perhaps Mr. Trump has learned his lesson and will put his differences with the news media and anchors aside and focus on the issues at hand which are what people want to know about each candidate and be able to decide among them.

The polls show that Mr. Trump should win the upcoming New Hampshire election next week, assuming Mr. Trump controls himself and does not act childish.

Truly, the Republican campaign for presidency of the United States has so far been both entertaining and embarrassing.


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