Who Really won the Iowa Caucuses on Democratic side?

According to the Media and the tallying of the votes, former Secretary Hillary Clinton won by 3.19 delegates which is very negligible out of 1,400 delegates.

The real winner of Iowa Caucuses was Senator Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side. The reason for this conclusion is very simple, until a few months ago, no one had heard of Senator Sanders. He had no name, money, and prestige that Secretary Clinton was enjoying from. It was a done deal for all that Secretary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for 2016 Presidential election.

But not so fast, Senator Sanders offered something that no other candidates has offered in the recent election, which are; honesty, truth, sincerity, care, and foresight. These traits are the ones that most voters love to see in a candidate. Senator Sanders also cleverly used the current state of affairs, which are the rich are getting richer, the middle income is disappearing, the politicians being bought or influenced by the corporations and the super-rich people, which tend to pass laws favoring these groups at the expense of the average American.

The promise of free education which the young population very much love, Medicare for all which many people including the senior citizens with limited income and the poor are very much for it were two other attractive points. Further, Senator Sanders kept telling the masses that he would not accept any campaign funds from millionaires/billionaires as well as the corporations and does not have any super Pac, except just relying on average American’s donation. The average donation to Senator Sanders has been $27.00. Senator Sanders never changed his positions during the campaign, while Secretary Clinton changed her positions on Trans Pacific Partnership and Keystone pipeline.

What has been the most impressive about Senator Sanders campaign is the gathering. Undoubtedly in every political rally he has attracted more people than any other candidate of either party. When Senator Sanders speaks, thousands of thousands of people come to listen to him, unlike some other candidates who have to pay to people to show up, one in particular is Mr. Donald Trump who at the begging of his campaign was hiring extras to come to his political speeches.

Comparing Secretary Clinton’s political machinery and the Clinton name brand along with the millions poured in by financial institution and having one of the most popular president of modern history to campaign for her, getting 50 percent of delegates in Iowa is truly a defeat. It is quite understanding that Secretary Clinton was showing a very upbeat face and sounded like victorious, but deep inside she and her operatives know that she in fact lost Iowa given her superiority of resources over Senator Sanders.

It seems New Hampshire is not going to offer Secretary Clinton anything better.


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