Pro Life vs. Pro Choice, Who Is Right?

For many decades the pro-life group, aka anti-abortion activists have been making noises and using scare and misinformation tactics to win their points. They have also resorted to violence. Of course as soon as someone kills a doctor or attacks one of Planned Parenthood clinics, they make some superficial and shallow statements and then immediately condemn the centers or the health providers for their conduct.

These groups have even published on regular basis names and home addresses of the doctors who provide abortions services. These fanatics are forcing the state and federal government to pass laws to limit or ban abortions. The right that was clearly decided by the US Supreme Court back in 1973 in the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade when the Supreme Court 7-2 decided that the women should have the right to privacy should be able to have abortions. The Supreme Court limited the right to abortion to the first two trimester only so to address the interests of the state, i.e. balancing the interests of states and the women as relate to abortions.

That was not good enough for the anti-abortion group and ever since that decision these groups have tried to chip away from women’s right piece by piece. Killing of doctors providing abortion services such as Dr. Teller, bombing of the clinics such as Planned Parenthood have become somewhat routine. The recent killing of three innocent people and wounding of 9 people in Colorado Springs at the Planned Parenthood clinic is the latest example of these groups’ vicious and violent behavior. Of course, no one in the anti-abortion group has applauded this attack, but quietly, they seem to be pleased. This is clearly act of terrorism, but no one has declared the pro-life group’s conduct as act of terrorism.

Most of these noise makers are male republicans and one wonders they are so interested in women’s reproductive parts? It should be none of their business what a woman wants to do with her own body. The arguments that they make is that they are trying to protect a defenseless and innocent life that is the fetus and eventual baby. The irony is that these groups have no interests in preserving lives, because if the baby is born and the mother cannot support the baby they would vehemently object for the mother receiving public assistance. Their interests are only when the baby is still inside the mother, but once the baby is born, it becomes none of their business and they are hands off.

The same groups continuously oppose government’s intervention and regulations and insist that US should have small government and with little regulations, except when it gets to the issue of abortion. They want some of the harshest and barbaric laws such as women should not be allowed to have abortions under any circumstances even if continuation of the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. That means let the woman die, but have the baby borne. So if the woman has other children, that means, let the woman die, her children become orphans, but have the baby borne, which means the baby would probably become public charge as well as the other children because their mother is dead.

Also if the woman is raped by stranger or through incest, then the woman must carry the baby to term. So when the baby is born the woman has to suffer for the rest of her natural life by being reminded that her child is result of rape or incest. One wonders what kind of mother that woman would be towards such unwanted child. How cruel one could be to the mother and the child by wanting to ban the mother remain pregnant and give birth to the baby under such circumstances!!

In fact one should ask these pro-life groups, what if their wives or daughters were raped and become pregnant, and would they be willing for their wives or their daughters to carry the baby to term? I am sure most if not all would say reject it.

The Republican the Candidates are against any right of abortions for women some like Dr. Ben Carson go as far as wanting to ban abortion under any circumstances including rape, incest, and even when life of mother is at risk. In the first Republican debates, Ms. Carly Fiorina made that preposterous allegations about a video that she allegedly watched when the doctors from Planned Parenthood were dissecting an aborted baby while still alive and taking its body parts to sell. Of course no one, including, Ms. Fiorina has been able to prove that the video was made in the US and that Planned Parenthood was ever involved. It just sounded effective and would incite populations’ anger, never mind nothing about it was true, that is how the anti-abortion group operate through lies, deceptions, and fear.

The recent shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, the killer said no more body parts, reference to what Carly Fiorina had said during the first Republican Debate. What these politicians and politicians’ wannabe do not realize is that the many people in particular in Middle America and red stated do listen and believe in these false and misleading allegations and then take actions.

People like Ms. Fiorina should accept the responsibility and understand that they have blood on their hand as Ms. Fiorina does for what she said in that debate. The consequence was death of three innocent people and injuries to nine others.

The anti-abortion group also do not realize the cost of their action to the society. Had there been a complete ban on abortions as these groups are seeking, then millions of unwanted and unplanned babies will be borne and the expenses of raising these children would be astronomical to the society, as most of these babies are borne to low income mothers of whom many are single parent and would definitely require public assistant. Further, the cost of medical care during pregnancy, giving birth, and after can be substantial. After all a civilized society would not allow the born babies who become sick to be left untreated.

The purpose of this article is not to promote abortion or advocate for irresponsible behavior by certain women, but it is important to allow women to have control over their own body and their own lives.  In a country that prides herself as the democratic and respecting freedom for all, restricting women’s freedom and having control over their own health bodies and life is a direct contradiction.


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